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Having been a first port of call for professional seafarers and sailing enthusiasts for nearly 25 years, Seachest has always made sure its stock of nautical charts (both Admiralty and Imray) has remained constantly up to date and resotcked. Our online store is no different, with a constant influx of newly updated charts docking in our web-based waters. In this blog post we've got a round-up of all the latest sea maps from the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO), explaining what waters they cover and how they differ from previous versions.

About Admiralty charts

Having been trading charts and protecting mariners lives since 1795, Admiralty are a world leader in hydrography and navigation. Through the Admiralty brand, the UKHO produces a series of 3,300 paper nautical charts that span the globe; all used widely by the Royal Navy and merchant mariners as well as small craft and leisure mariners. Due to new port developments, changing trading patterns and routes, their chart coverage is constantly reviewed, with charts perdiocally updated to serve seafarers and safeguard their ships, cargo and crew.

Our latest Admiralty Paper charts

Our full stock of Admiralty paper charts cover Europe, The Baltic, The Mediterranean, Caribbean and the the American East Coast, and our latest sea maps cross several of the ocean between these regions.

The 8004 Port Approach Guide for Long Beach and Los Angeles covers the second busiest-container port in the United States; twinned with Los Angeles - the busiest container port in the country.

A great deal of new charts have been released showing additions and updates to the existing chart coverage of China, with improved coverage of Huangpu to Guangzhou Shi (347), larger scale coverage of the new container terminal at Dachan Wan (348) and appraoches to the ports of Rizhao Gang, Lanshan & Lianyungang (1201).

Maps charting India's waters have received considerable tweaking over the last couple of months, with the latest being a modified reproduction of the Indian chart 202. The chart numbered 1466 now provides additional, larger scale coverage of the approach to the Gulf of Kachchh, with points of sail ranging from Jakhau to Dwarka.

With the thousands of islands in its archipelago, the rapid economic and political change of Indonesia has lead to a new series of sea maps for plotting in its waters. These includes navigational boating aids covering the district of Pulau-Pulau Aru and adjacent coast of PaPau (3753) and from Selat Lombok to Selat Sape (2915).

Lastly we have two charts for sailing within Europe: a newly updated sea map for plotting within Sweden's East Coast, with improved coverage of the port of Gävle and its approaches (956) and Le Havre; a commune and city on the north-western coast of France (8003).

As always, our standard Admiralty charts are corrected in stock on a daily basis until dispatched. You can find the most relevant nautical charts for your voyage via our Route Planner, and for a free copy of our catalogue of books and charts, please email your details to us at You can also ask any questions regarding our range of sea maps on our Facebook page, through Twitter or via Google+.

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