The lighter mornings and evenings are here, and despite some freak snow earlier this week the weather is finally starting to heat up a bit too. Heading full speed ahead for Easter, the bank holiday weekend provides the perfect time to get out on the boat for what is probably going to be the first sail of 2016. Most will probably opt to sail close to home this year as a stress free stay-cation. There really are so many wonderful places in the UK that can be reached easily be sea, so if you fancy going on a wonderful adventure this Easter keep reading to discover 5 places that should be on your sail hot spot list this Easter!

#1. South Coast - Devon & Cornwall

Renown for the beautiful beaches and sheltered area, the south coast is always a good idea and is particularly a great place to head to if you're fairly new to sailing. Plymouth makes a great choice in Devon which has excellent facilities in almost every direction. Plymouth is known for its wind and rain, so it's definitely worth checking out the weather beforehand as it can make the start of an exciting and adventurous trip seem all the more miserable. The possibilities for different spots and beaches in Cornwall are endless, the waters so blue that from a glance you wouldn't know that you were even in the UK! There is a long tradition of exploration on Cornish shores and we promise that you'll be itching to go back after your first visit!

#2. Isle Of Wight

Considered as one of the best sailing destinations in the world, The Isle of Wight provides a massive natural break of water from the larger swells in the ocean which makes for an easy sail, and the perfect destination for those new to sailing. Offering a true haven for sailing enthusiasts, it makes for the ideal destination for a short mini break, with plenty of things to do on land, there is also more opportunities to get involved with sailing and other water-sports once you're there.

#3. The Solent

The most popular place to sail through is The Solent in Hampshire. With Southampton taking centre stage of the famous boat show in September, Hampshire is rife with beautiful landscapes and attractions inshore that will keep adults and children amused for the trip. It's fantastic to get this trip behind you, and it is a well sheltered place with excellent facilities all round.

#4. Poole Harbour - Dorset

The Medway estuary in Poole Harbour is a beautiful river estuary which is a joy to sail up whatever the month. Poole is known for having one of the largest natural harbours, which is a thriving place for fellow water sports and sailing enthusiasts. The harbour is constantly alive, and because of this it features a dozen yacht clubs, marinas and plenty of facilities for everyone to use. Poole Harbour offers a handful of natural and unspoilt delights which can be admired from both the shoreline and on land.

#5. Scotland

For those wishing to sail slightly further, Scotland really does contain some of the most beautiful waters, with some remote islands that can only be reached by water, promising a truly spectacular and charming adventure. There are so many places that you can stop off at on the Scottish coast so it is definitely best to plan your trip beforehand. You can admire the beauty of Scotland full speed ahead, with rugged coastlines, endless sandy beaches, mountainous backdrops and secluded sea lochs at your eyeline. Whilst it is still a fairly cold time to visit Scotland, it's a chance to admire it in it's true beauty.

With your pick of beautiful places to sail to in the UK, you'll be promised a fantastic Easter weekend filled with beautiful sandy beaches, rugged coastlines, and hopefully some gorgeous weather to go with it! From Everyone at Seachest, we hope that you all have a brilliant Easter weekend! For future blogs on the planning of sailing trips, keep an eye on the Seachest Facebook page, our Twitter and Google+.

Post By Nicole Sage