10 Tips To Avoid Seasickness

Friday, 24th of March 2017

Seasickness can affect anyone, and whether you're a seasoned seafarer that suffers from it or you're new to sailing, the symptoms can be at the very least unpleasant and at worst, put you off enjoying what you love doing most.

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How To Plan Your Passage for a Sailing Trip

Monday, 27th of February 2017

Successful sailing comes down to three factors: the scope of your knowledge, your ability on the water, and preparation. The latter is arguably the most important. How can you even begin to traverse continental oceans without a basic bearing? From route planners

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Boat Courtesy Flag Etiquette & Regulations

Monday, 30th of January 2017

Sailing is steeped in tradition. Even though aspects of the activity have been heavily modernised, several actions are much as they were decades, even centuries ago. One of these is courtesy flag etiquette - the act of flying a foreign nation’s flag as your

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5 Places To Sail To in 2017

Tuesday, 20th of December 2016

What is it you love about sailing? Feeling the wind lapping against your hair? The salty ocean spray on your skin? The adventure of being away from normality? Or the proud moment when you arrive at your destination, or perhaps seeing wildlife you don’t find

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Nautical Themed Christmas Gift Ideas
Thursday, 10th of November 2016

It won't be long until we're dropping our anchor down for Christmas, how did that happen? With the darker evenings here to stay, and the Christmas adverts already popping up on our TV, it's about time that we started our Christmas shopping. Even if you're

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What's The Difference Between A Yacht and A Superyacht?
Tuesday, 11th of October 2016

For many, a yacht is the go-to post-lottery-win purchase, It’s always possible to dream a little bigger though, and in the case of top dollar ships, we’re surprised more people don’t imagine themselves behind the wheel of a “superyacht”. Also known

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