For one relatively uninitiated in the ways of the water, finding the right gift for the friend or relative who's constantly at the helm can be an extraordinary challenge. Luckily we at Seachest have a whole host of captain-worthy present ideas that manage to get shipped out to new homes every year. Being that this is the first Christmas for our online nautical book store, it's easier than ever for us to share with you our broad range of gift ideas for the seafarer.

Chart the ultimate vintage gift with Archived Admiralty Charts

england map 2England archive mapdevon mapThe World ARC 5494

Whether the sailor you're buying for is an avid chart collector or has not yet discovered the pleasure, these Archive Admiralty Charts are sure to be a sure-fire gift idea for anyone who knows how to read nautical. As we covered in our Archive Nautical Chart Collector's Guide blog, these items provide a fulfilling window into early attempts at navigation, letting us see an actual evolution in maritime efforts to map the world. Even if the recipient doesn't take up collecting them as a hobby, they'll still have an amazing print with which to decorate their cabin or study.

Explore the finest exploits in maritime history with rare nautical books

 in the wake of drake naval chronicle
 shipping revolution little operation
As a nautical bookstore, one of our favourite joys is furthering the knowledge and passion of seafaring enthusiasts everywhere. Side by side with our exhaustive set of Admiralty and Imray paper charts, we also have plenty of titles to fill a sea-strong library. This includes plenty of rare and out of print books, covering everything from naval history to some of history's famous voyages. All are great gifts for both history buffs and collectors of vintage paperbacks, allowing them to own a true moment of maritime heritage.

Splash out on a quality Sextant

 Freiberger Drum SextantFreiberger Yacht Sextant Freiberger Yacht Sextant
An iconic tool of the traditional celestial navigator, sextants have helped sailors find their way for over 250 years. Even in the modern age where we have electronic GPS systems and the like, many traditional skippers see a fantastic benefit in learning to master these devices, allowing them to measure the heavens themselves to improve their own knowledge of ocean navigation. A gift to surely make any sailor's Christmas, our choice of Freiberger Sextants represent the very best in ultra-high end apparatus, and are the unequivocal best way to take a sight.

Nautical jigsaw puzzles and collectibles for every seafarer

nautical chart puzzle
And lastly, we present the a duo of nautical gifts that no one with a pair of sea legs can resist. Our Sea Chart Jigsaw Puzzles are based on real nautical paper maps, using their meticulous detail to help whittle away a rainy day on deck in the most classic way possible. The Quartz-Clock Chart Weight set meanwhile is a perfect collector's item for seafarers - a meticulously crafted ornamental set that's perfect for display in the captain's cabin.

If you choose any of these as gifts for your favoured seafarer, we'd love to see the happy sailor with their present. Please do share with us by floating over to the Seachest Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.

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