Top 10 Emma Ball Seaside Finds

Monday, 16th of October 2017

Much like searching for shells along the seafront, drifting through Sea Chest's wonderful range of Emma Ball products is an exploration into seaside memories and escapism. Celebrating beautiful coastal vistas and quaint harbourside towns, we've picked out

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Protect Your Boat: Top 10 Security Tips

Monday, 27th of April 2015

No matter how effortlessly you come into money or how lucky you are in finding a good deal, all boats are serious investments. All those upkeep, storage and repair costs can take their toll on even the most money loaded decks, and one thing that can destroy

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Guide to Inland Waterway Nautical Charts

Tuesday, 3rd of March 2015

When embarking on a long-planned round the world boat trip, the last thing you want to forget is your paper or electronic nautical charts. Whilst these are without a doubt the most essential items of ocean navigation, they're equally appreciated by those who's

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5 Maritime Professions Using Admiralty Charts

Wednesday, 18th of February 2015

As an enduring tool of the maritime industry, nautical charts have changed dramatically over the centuries, going from disastrously unreliable to digitally accurate. Throughout this extended tenure they've served countless ocean-bound folk, from the pioneering

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5 Boating Events to Look Forward To In 2015

Tuesday, 23rd of December 2014

As we ease off the countdown to Christmas, we at Seachest are preparing to anchor down a fantastic first year with our brand new site and online nautical book store. We’ve sent charts for sailing across oceans all over the world to customers from all over

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