In one of our previous blogs, we gave a revealing tour of the world's most exclusive private islands. Well if the thought of owning your own slab in the ocean is too strong a fantasy and you want something a little closer to home, our final blog on the world's sandiest hot spots will take a look at some of the top hidden beaches in Europe, complete once again with a google maps image and stunning photos to pine over.

Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

Don't let the slightly unusual name fool you; Zlatni Rat Beach in Bol holds more uniqueness to among its fellow retreats than just an unusual title. As you can see by it's shape, you can lay down to sunbathe with the ocean lying to your back and front. In fact it's particular formation alters with the fluctuating winds and tides, something that has made it a popular destination for windsurfers.

Kelebekler Vadisi, Turkey

A gorgeous sand soaked enclave, the Kelebekler Vadisi (Butterfly Valley) is completely inaccessible except for a taxi boat ride or via a long traverse of the extremely rocky Lycian Way Trail. At the end of it's mesmerizing triangle is a waterfall tumbling down the mountain, around which you can see rich flora, fauna and abundant vegetation. This beach receives its name from the 60 speicies of fluttering inhabitants who will be your only non-human fellow guests should you decide to stay at one of the wooden bungalows situated in the valley.

The Blue Lagoon, Wales

Whilst it's not a sand covered hideaway like the other beaches in this list, The 'Blue Lagoon' near Abereiddy offers a unique coastal experience right on your doorstep. This small slate quarry has been flooded by the ocean's beautiful grene hue, and with it's tranquil colour and several fun diving points it's the only entry on this list that we can personally attest to. Starting from 2012, it's become the location for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, where 14 of the globe's greatest divers battle over a 27 metre man-made drop.

Traigh Eais, Barra, Scotland

Sticking to the Great Britain landmass, this area of the Highlands is worth hovering over just for novelty alone. The world's only airport to use a beach as a runway, the flights can only touch ground when the tide is low. Naturally, that's not the beach we're on about! Traigh Eais is its own marvel, with extensive sand dunes a fantastic view courtesy of the ancient hill fort that overlooks the whole beach.

Punta Molentis

You may have come to this article looking for a European hot spot that can offer some real peace and quiet. If so, then Punta Molentis should definitely be a top candidate. A sandy bay overlooking the Mediterranean sea, it's hilly and rocky access climb will reward you with a sparsely surrounded bay that ticks all the boxes of a true natural beauty experience.

Well, that's the last of our round the world scout for breathtaking locations. In future blogs we'll be looking at a range of topics and tutorials relating to nautical exploration and seafaring expertise. If you have any particular areas or activities you'd like us to cover, please let us know in the comments, or via our Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.






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