World Luxury Yachts

Unlimited relaxation, ultimate comfort and pure luxury. These should all be things that you expect from an ideal yachting experience. Yachts are the one of the most extravagant purchases one can make and inevitably can only belong to some of the wealthiest individuals in the world. Nevertheless, our compilation of luxury yachts are a joy to browse and dream about!

15. Annaliese

This elegant megayacht can hold over 50 people and is equipped with sun loungers on every level. Not just a pretty picture, this yacht also contains 15 staterooms!

14. The Island Yacht

This stunning luxury floating home is complete with 10,000 square feet of posh living space. It includes solar panels, skylights, a living room, kitchen, and even a home theatre!

13. Project Mars

This megayacht looks particularly beautiful at sea due to its mirror-like exterior material. Originally built by Fincanteri, the Italian shipping yard, it comes with swimming pools, a spa, and a designated business area.

12. Octopus

Perhaps one of the largest boats on our list, this extravagant yacht is equipped with two submarines! Running a global software company clearly needs to be accompanied by some chill-time in the eyes of Paul Allen.

11. Ecstasea

An apt name for a yacht that is sure to bring pure ecstasy for any passenger on it! Once owned by Roman Abramovich, this yacht is particularly special because no one now knows who owns it.

10. Rising Sun

An incredible structure, this yacht is worth 200 million dollars. Belonging to David Geffen, the famous media mogul, the ship has 82 rooms, a basketball court, and a movie theatre.

9. Oculus

Designed by Kevin Schopfer, this luxury yacht is 250-foot long and completely unique. With modernly furnished salons, there is a bath, storage necessities, a cylindrical double height dining room, an elevator, bedchambers, and an amazing owner's suite.

8. Alloy Yachts' Vertigo 220 Superyacht

This amazing superyacht is luxuriously lined from bow to stern. Captain, crew and company are able to travel around the world in the highest of fashion.

7. Iguana 29 Amphibious Yacht

Perhaps not as visually attractive as the other yachts on our list, but this speed yacht is still very impressive. It has the ability to rise out of the water and drive along land!

6. Superyacht A

A boat that can slice through icebergs, what’s not to like? This interesting design is a pleasure to look at and a pleasure to name your own like Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko.

5. Eclipse

Currently the most expensive yacht in the world, it is also the longest at 164 metres. Owned by Roman Abramovich, he yacht features two helicopter pads, 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, several hot tubs and a disco hall. If that’s not enough, it also has three launch boats and a mini-submarine.

4. Adastra

This fantastic yacht almost resembles a space ship due to its interesting design. In addition to its countless other modern features, key functions of the Adastra can be controlled through a custom app for the iPad!

3. History Supreme

A ridiculously lavish boat, this is made out with over 100,000 kg of gold and decorated with everything from T-Rex bones to miniature meteorites!

2. Turanor

The largest solar-powered boat ever to set sail, this yacht weighs 8.5 tons and is capable of storing up to three days of sailing power in lithium ion batteries, allowing it to sail at night.

1. Yet To Be Built...

As if the existing luxury yachts on our list aren’t enough, this is a prototype for a yacht to be built by U.K. company Yacht Island Designs. Here goes the list of its features: four VIP guest suites, an owner's suite built into the volcano, a cinema, library, game room, gym, and sauna. The exterior main deck also includes a swimming pool, guest cabanas, a bar and outdoor dining. Just to add an extra touch, the waterfall flows from the volcano into the swimming pool.

If only we could own, or be invited on one of these luxury yachts, the experience would be blissful. But back to reality, we hope you have enjoyed viewing our list. We want to know which one was your favourite! Contact us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.

Post By Ruby Lovell