Chart Finder Help

Our chart finder is the best way to home in on the right map for your desired journey; the perfect destination if you’re a nautical novice and not sure where to start, or a professional skipper who knows exactly what chart you’re looking for.

There are 3 different ways that the chart finder can be used to help you pinpoint your specific chart;

  • Search By Location - You can input the location of the area that you are searching a chart for by entering the placename or GPS co-ordinates. You can clear the charts that appear at any time by selecting ‘Clear Charts’. You can then start your chart search again.
  • Search By Chart Number - If you know the specific Admiralty or Imray chart number you are looking for this is the quickest way to do it. Simply type in the chart number and press select, or choose from the chart drop down. This will then highlight and bring up the chosen chart. Simply click the shaded box area that appears on the map which will display the chart, from here  you can add it straight to the cart or view the product for further details.
  • Route Controls -  Simply click the ‘+’ icon to start drawing on the map, you can zoom in and out to the desired areas with the toggles in the top right hand corner and drag the map with your mouse. Simply drop the icon onto the chart and draw the desired box, area, or route that you want charts displayed for. Once you’ve selected your area ‘Click to Stop’ at which point the available charts for this area will display. You can then click into the charts, if at any time you want to start again or look at another area, click ‘Remove Route’ to start again and ‘Remove Charts’ if you want to start your chart search from scratch.


Once you're done choosing your selected chart simply press ‘Add To Basket’ and follow our simple checkout process, or click ‘View Product’ for more information on the chart.