Imray Charts

Imray are one of the world's principal publishers of privately created nautical charts, and have been so since 1904. Their range of paper maps cover Northwest Europe, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic & Eastern Caribbean, and their catalogue of yachting charts is regarded by the sailing community as the most comprehensive on the market.  

The paper charts from Imray set a sterling standard for those seeking navigational ocean maps for leisure purposes. All feature the company's distinctive colour scheme, coloured light sectors and fine, overprinted latitude and longitude grids for easy plotting. Aside from the Imray iolaire charts (for the Caribbean Sea), all are metric.

All Imray charts are digitally printed on Pretex - a partly synthetic form of paper - which can fold firmly and is remarkably durable in damp conditions. It can be drawn on in both soft pencil and ballpoint pen for reference purposes.

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