Admiralty Collection Archive Charts 28Admiralty Leisure Folios 22Admiralty Planning Charts of the World 12Admiralty Sailing Directions (Pilots) 74Adriatic Sea 38Atlantic & Caribbean 1Azores 5Belgium & The Netherlands 24Bermuda 7Bristol Channel - Lands End to Milford Haven 22Build & Design 2Cabo Verde 3Canaries and Madeira 11Channel Islands and Adjacent Coasts of France 15Commercial 24Corsica and Sardinia 15Crete 7Cyprus 9Eastern Sporades 8England - Dover to Felixstowe, Thames Estuary, R. Thames 28England - East Coas t- Felixstowe to R. Humber 20England - East Coast - R. Humber North to Berwick 22England - Liverpool to Portpatrick inc. Isle of Man 15England - South Coast - Dartmouth to Dover 41England - West Country - Isles of Scilly to Dartmouth 26Evia and the Northern Sporades 5Exercise Areas (Q Charts) 6Folio 1 South Coast of England 66Folio 10 The Baltic Sea 99+Folio 100 Antarctica 12Folio 11 Gulfs of Finland & Bothnia 5Folio 11 Gulfs of Finland and Bothnia 44Folio 12 Northern Shores of Skagerrak 28Folio 13 West Coast of Norway 37Folio 14 Norway North of Trondheim to White Sea 33Folio 15 Faeroe, Greenland & Spitsbergen 26Folio 16 North Coast of France & Channel Islands 49Folio 17 Bay of Biscay 44Folio 18 W. Spain, Portugal & Strait of Gibraltar 52Folio 19 Eastern North Atlantic Ocean 12Folio 2 Bristol Channel and S. Coast of Ireland 42Folio 20 North West Coast of Africa 57Folio 24 N. Africa Gibraltar Str to Port Said 62Folio 25 Mediterranean Coasts of Spain & France 58Folio 26 West Coast of Italy 31Folio 27 Adriatic & West Coast of Greece 49Folio 28 Crete & Western Aegean Sea 33Folio 29 East Aegean & Sea of Marmara 24Folio 3 Irish Sea, F. of Clyde, North of Ireland 77Folio 30 E. Med. Rhodes to El Arish inc. Cyprus 25Folio 31 Black Sea & Sea of Azamov 37Folio 32 Red Sea, Gulf of Aden & Arabian Sea 65Folio 34 South West Coast of Africa 75Folio 35 E. South Atlantic, S. Africa & S. Ocean 53Folio 36 East Coast of Africa 61Folio 37 Madagascar 18Folio 38 Chagos Archipelago, Mauritius & Reunion 15Folio 40 Gulf of Arabia 85Folio 41 Pakistan and West Coast of India 45Folio 41 West Coast of Pakistan & India 5Folio 42 Sri Lanka & Approaches 33Folio 43 East India to Burma & Andaman Islands 42Folio 45 Malacca Strait 51Folio 46 W. Coast of Sumatra & Apps Singapore 39Folio 47 Western China Sea 84Folio 47 Western Side of China Sea 2Folio 48 East China Sea & Sulu Sea 68Folio 5 West Coast of Scotland 63Folio 50 Hong Kong to Yangtze Kiang & T'ai-wan 65Folio 52 Yellow Sea & Gulf of Pothai etc. 24Folio 52 Yellow Sea & Gulf of Pothai, etc. 38Folio 53 Western & Southern Coasts of Japan 51Folio 54 Inland Sea of Japan 20Folio 55 Northern Honshu & Hokkaido 32Folio 56 Korean Gulf, Siberia, Sakhalin & Kuril 23Folio 57 North West Pacific Ocean 23Folio 58 E. Sulawesi to W. New Guinea & S.E. Part of Philippine Islands 4Folio 58 East Sulawesi to West New Guinea 62Folio 59 S.& E. Borneo to W. Coast of Sulawesi 25Folio 6 N & E Coast Scotland, Orkney & Shetland 62Folio 60 Java to the Arafura Sea 35Folio 60 Jawa to Arafura Sea 1Folio 63 North West Coast of Australia 51Folio 64 South West Coast of Australia 22Folio 65 S.E. Coast of Australia and Tasmania 69Folio 66 East Coast of Australia 79Folio 67 East New Guinea & Bismark Archipelago 26Folio 68 New Caledonia, New Hebrides, S.Cruz etc 35Folio 7 North Sea F. of Forth to Thames Entrance 65Folio 70 Fiji, Tonga, Samoa & Ellice Islands 53Folio 71 New Zealand, North Island & Cook Strait 43Folio 72 New Zealand, South Island. 16Folio 73 South Eastern Pacific Ocean 27Folio 74 North Eastern Pacific Ocean 15Folio 76 Labrador, W.Greenland, Canadian Arctic 3Folio 78 Newfoundland 16Folio 79 St. Lawrence Gulf & River 30Folio 8 Rivers Thames & Medway and Approaches 15Folio 80 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia & Bay of Fundy 13Folio 81 East Coast of United States of America 70Folio 82 Western North Atlantic Ocean 15Folio 83 Gulf of Mexico & Apps. 61Folio 84 Eastern part of South Coast of Cuba. 4Folio 85 East Coast of Central America 13Folio 86 W. Indies, S. Salv'r & Jamaica to Antigua 49Folio 87 Guadelope to Trinidad 62Folio 88 Panama Canal & Approaches 22Folio 89 West Coast of Central America & U.S.A. 49Folio 89 West Coasts of Central America & US 3Folio 9 E. Shores of N. Sea, Calais to The Skaw 48Folio 90 W.Coast N.America, C.Medocino to V'couver 40Folio 91 British Columbia 10Folio 92 Alaska & Bering Strait 23Folio 95 E.Coast South America C.Norte to B.Aires 86Folio 96 E.Coast S.America, S.Part & Falklands 54Folio 97 Magellan Strait, C. 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