Our range of flip cards, cockpit cards and navigational aids are ideal for training and instructional purposes. With a card covering every eventuality from the Mayday procedure to Rules of the Road, these are great for Cockpit use and provide a handy reference point for anyone on-board, whatever their ability or experience level. In this blog post, we share some of our top-selling and best-rated teaching aids that cover a wide range of areas that are crucial for every seafaring mariner.

The Cockpit Companion

The cockpit companion is a handy, cheque book-sized, quick reference guide to serve as a knowledgeable companion for all crew members. Printed onto splash resistant, wipe clean boards, the Cockpit Companion is the perfect summary of all sailing need-to-knows: lights, shapes, buoys, rules of the road, tides, flags, knots,  breakdowns and more.

Marine Flip Cards Lights and Shapes

This set of cards makes learning about a difficult subject matter easier, and are an essential navigation aid. The cards show a vessel's display of night time navigation lights in colour, as well as daytime shapes, as seen from your position. The cards showing lights have the silhouette of the vessel just discernible, helping to replicate real life. The back of the cards shows the meaning of each one.

Weems & Plath Road Rule IALA

Identify the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities Maritime Buoyage System for both Regions A and B with Roadrule. This easy to use navigation aid is a must-have for any seafarer. Features all types of fixed and floating marks, displaying the actual view of maritime buoy systems with chart symbols. Makes complex information more accessible with a simple design that suits everything from classroom learning to practical sailing. 

Marine Flip Cards IALA System Buoyage

These marine flip cards help mariners build a comprehensive knowledge of the buoyage rules so that you will be able to identify a mark at first sight. Showing 31 different buoys and navigational marks in colour, the cards include the meaning and position, along with light characteristics on the back. Both Cardinal and IALA marks are featured, as well as the more recently preferred channel buoys. Set shows 'A' Region buoys found in most areas around the world.

Marine Flip Cards Meteorology

This pack of flip cards covers Meteorology in UK waters with particular relevance to the RYA courses. The essential definitions are dealt with and wind forces and their effect on sea states are well illustrated. there are also a number of photographs of cloud formations and the resulting weather systems. These cards have questions and answers on both sides, so effectively have 98 problems for the student to deal with.

Marine Flip Cards Morse Code

A set of flip cards showing the Morse symbol, both letters and numerals, with the back of the card giving the meaning. Also in the set is a useful instruction card. For those mariners needing knowledge of Morse Code, these flip cards have proved to be a quick and simple method of learning and checking. 

Mayday Procedure Card for DSC VHF

Designed to be displayed near the DSC VHF Marine radio, this essential reference card has blank spaces for which to write in your boat’s name, MMSI number and Call Sign using a permanent marker pen. The Mayday Cockpit Card is an essential item to have whenever there are newer or less knowledgeable seafarers on board. Printed using light-fast ink and encapsulated with a heavy-duty plastic for cockpit use.

Marine Flip Cards Sound and Light Signals

An essential pack of marine flip cards that illustrates the signals made by ships at sea. Covering lights, fog signals, and distress and search and rescue signals, they're essential for all mariners. Each card has the meaning on the back. This pack differs from the Lights and Shapes cards in that they show signals, rather than navigation signs.

Marine Flip Cards Marine Radio

A new set of Flip Cards covering the recent (and developing) GMDSS systems which are becoming universal. The cards show equipment and procedures for HF, VHF and MF, including Digital Selective Calling. Seamen preparing for the General Operators Certificate or the Long Range Certificate will find the cards particularly useful, while yachtsmen should also be prepared to acquire the appropriate certificate for future use. 

Cockpit Cards - Complete Set

Cockpit Cards are essential items for all skippers, they can easily be placed in a visible place in your cockpit or anywhere else inside your boat or yacht. This full selection of cockpit cards includes every area that needs to be covered for both training and instructional purposes. These are handy reference guides for anyone on-board, these cards are printed using light-fast ink and are encapsulated in heavy-duty plastic.

The cockpit cards complete set includes:

  • Navigation Lights and Shapes (set of 4)
  • Chart Symbols & Abbreviations (Set of 4)
  • Rule of the Road
  • Buoyage/Distress Signals.
  • Mayday Procedure.
  • International Code Flags.
  • Essential Knots (set of 2)
  • Sound Signals.

These are just a few of the excellent teaching aids that we have on offer. If you would like to check out our entire range, please click here.

Post By Rosie Burnman