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How To Update An Admiralty Paper Chart

Tuesday, 27th of September 2016

Where do I begin?

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Guide to Admiralty Sailing Directions and Pilots

Wednesday, 25th of March 2015

A good sailor's preparation will go far beyond just leaving port with every necessary piece of equipment in tow. To ensure disaster is constantly kept at bay, every seafarer needs a solid idea of every navigational hazard or notable object that may

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History of Sailing Instruments: Then & Now

Tuesday, 3rd of February 2015

The trade tools of an experienced sailor have an almost otherworldly appearance about them, at least to those who've never navigated on the water. Yet as complicated as a sextant, speed-time-distance calculator or divider may look to the uninitiated, even

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Round-up of the Latest Admiralty Charts

Wednesday, 12th of November 2014

Having been a first port of call for professional seafarers and sailing enthusiasts for nearly 25 years, Seachest has always made sure its stock of nautical charts (both Admiralty and Imray) has remained constantly up to date and resotcked. Our online store

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Guide To Electronic Nautical Charts Software

Tuesday, 10th of June 2014

Electronic charts, more so than any other recent advancement, perfectly represent the way boating and technology have sailed side by side into the 21st century. Not being subject to electrical failure, paper charts are still widely used by many sailors, but

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