What Are Admiralty Sailing Directions?

Wednesday, 31st of August 2022

In the sailing world, there are many different publications that are useful to sailors of any skill level. However, only a few hold the authority of Sailing Directions. Whether you're sailing on the other side of the world or you're keeping your boating adventures

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Why Is A Nautical Mile Different From A Regular Mile?

Tuesday, 31st of May 2022

If maritime units of measurement leave you feeling lost at sea, now's the time to get a handle on the difference between nautical miles, land miles and knots. The international nautical mile was set forth in 1929 by the First International Hydrographic Conference

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FAQ: 10 Phenomenal Facts About The Ocean - Answered!

Friday, 25th of February 2022

The scintillating expanse of the open ocean is an incredible marvel of nature and an infinite source of intrigue. Not only does the ocean make up more than 70% of the Earth's surface, it's also home to 50 - 80% of all life on our planet.

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7 Sensational Emma Ball Nautical Homeware Gifts

Monday, 29th of November 2021

Whether you're an active sailor or just seaside obsessed, we've got a range of Christmas gifts to inspire you, your friends, family and your colleagues. From nautical-themed decorations to maritime homeware - and many more surprises in between - find some

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Top 10 Scenic Coastal Walks in Devon & Cornwall
Friday, 27th of August 2021

The counties of Devon and Cornwall offer some of the most scenic and varied coastal paths in the UK. The variety of walking on offer is hard to match anywhere in the British Isles. In this blog post, we have included a variety of different walks in varying

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021
Monday, 24th of May 2021

This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday 20th June 2021. With our dads notoriously tricky to buy for, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite unique gift ideas that we are sure he will love. From books to mugs, fun games and more, this is our definitive

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