Navigational plotting tools and instruments are vital components for plotting and measuring directions on nautical charts. From calculators to compasses, protractors to pencils: these items may seem like "the basics" but they're actually seafaring staples that no keen mariner can do without.

And while sophisticated navigational GPS devices and cutting edge computer tech is desirable to serious sailors, having tried and tested plotting tools to hand is necessary for any frequent navigator looking to complete common plotting tasks quickly, easily and efficiently in a marine environment.

In our latest blog, Sea Chest gives you the rundown of our bestselling marine chart plotting instruments. Whether you're using these tools to measure distances or determine time and direction to transfer co-ordinates, our tools are built to last in almost every seafaring scenario.

Nautical Chart Correction Pen

Essential for correcting charts, this Nautical Chart Correction Pen allows you to adjust and amend with incredible accuracy. Designed with clever chemically formulated magenta ink that doesn't bleed once it dries, this bestselling correction pen is a must-have for Imray and Admiralty Charts.

Blundell Harling Middy Instructional Parallel Rule

If you're looking for the best way to plot direction on your nautical chart, the Middy Bar Parallel Rule from Blundell Harling comes in a practical size that's suitable for most vessels. Made from high quality 6mm acrylic, it consists of two hinged straight edges that are designed to maintain the same angle while you move your rule around your chart.

Blundell Harling Brass Arms Single Handed Divider

No computer or GPS system can contend with the classic reliability of this traditional single handed divider. Made with beautiful high quality brass arms and precision stainless steel tips, the 'bow' pattern crosses over so that they can be adjusted easily with one hand.

Portland Speed Time Distance Calculator

This Speed/Time/Distance Calculator comes in two sizes available at Sea Chest and works on the slide rule principle. This allows the marine navigator to enter two parts of the equation to get an instant answer on the third part. A must-have for any keen seafarer to calculate the speed, distance and time of a body or object in motion.

Blundell Harling Portland Course Plotter

From regular seafaring to RYA courses, the Blundell Harling Portland Course Plotter will plot course and direction of bearing. The base has a fixed grid to easily plot latitude from your GPS system and the central compass disc uses ingenious finger bars, allowing for ease-of-use with cold, wet or even gloved hands.

Weems & Plath Ultralight Dividers/Compass (7 Inch)

Featuring stainless steel points, a coated marine alloy and plastic to resist corrosion, the Weems & Plath Ultralight Divider will pinpoint and mark a position or a known distance from a given point and comes with a special centre adjustment mechanism, giving you fast, accurate, one-handed operation.

Weems & Plath Nautical Chart Correction Template

Correction of your paper charts is easy with this clever Nautical Chart Correction Template from Weems & Plath. Perfect for updating and correcting nautical maps, this template works like a stencil, giving you quick and neat corrections on your charts, which can remain permanently for future voyages.

2B Pencils (Pack of 12)

A simple but crucial piece of navigational equipment, our high quality 2B pencils are soft enough for regular chartwork and are always available for you to buy here at Sea Chest.

Blundell Harling Portland Triangle (200mm)

The Blundell Harling Portland Triangle is vital for chart plotting, featuring protractor markings and compass points with reciprocals in red and a scale in millimetres. Made from a high quality acrylic construction, you can also purchase two Portland Triangles to use as a parallel rule if needed.

Post By Ed Mason