Welcome aboard the new Sea Chest online site: a first port of call for all professional seafarers and sailing enthusiasts! This particular cabin is the Sea Chest blog, from which we will deliver updates on all our new products, highlight particular brands & items of note, and occasionally post stories, articles and other bits and pieces that we hope you'll find intriguing and insightful.

Imray Digital Charts ID10  North Sea South and East2 British IslesMaxSea Navigator +Imray C14 Plymouth Harbour and Rivers

For this welcoming entry, we'd like to tell you a bit about Sea Chest as a business - where we've come from and how long we've been helping those on the sea find their way.

Sea Chests Nautical Bookshop was established in 1989, with a prime location on the retail premises in the Marina at Queen Anne's Battery in Plymouth; the historic home of the Royal Navy and one of the world's most renowned natural harbours, home to literally thousands of small boats. Items from our eclectic collection of nautical maps (from paper British admiralty charts to imray digital charts) have for a while been shipped to customers not only only our shores, but also abroad. Along with the essential tools and instruments for charting a sea journey we also stock a selection of books and gifts for true sailing enthusiasts.

The West Country How Boat Things WorkA Brilliant little Operation (The Cockleshell Heroes)Colin Archer and the Seaworthy Double-Ender

Our list of publications in particular is as vast as any skipper would hope for. Choose between an all-encompassing range of instructional guides for cruising, river boating, boat building, modelling, river-sports, purchasing and more besides. There's also gripping tales from masters of the wide and rapid waters to take home for reading, some of which are out of print and even quite rare.

We will have more to bring your from Sea Chest in the coming weeks. For now, have a browse of our selection of charts, instruments, books, DVDs and gifts, and if you have any queries please feel free to email us at info@seachest.co.uk. You can also leave a comment below, or find us at our Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.

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